Gallery: Mixology

This past weekend I showcased some of my work in RAW’s Gallery: Mixology down in Ventura, CA. I was able to exhibit my solar eclipse series which shows several phases of the moon passing between earth and the sun. I spontaneously drove all the way up to Pyramid Lake, NV from Santa Barbara the night before it happened to catch this one! I also threw in an astrological photo project I put together a whiles back that I could never forget! It was so fun to paint full body murals on these ladies and then photograph the outcome! In the beginning of my college career, my original focus of study was Studio Art, so it’s really special when I can apply that passion into my photography as well.



A close friend and I got really crazy and decided to splatter paint the frames to match the color scheme of the body murals. 



Once the night was over, I noticed this silly, backwards compass engraved into the sidewalk on my way back to my car. The highlight of my night…




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